The IT crowd is a sitcom based on the IT department of the fictional Reynholm Industries. Quite a funny show that anyone can enjoy but with little inside jokes that are aimed at IT people.

One of the IT techies, Roy, almost always answers the phone with the phrase “have you tried turning it off and on again?”

It’s so successful that he simply records it to a tape like this:

Come to think of it though turning it off and on again or power cycling a device fixes the problem more often than not. This is especially true for devices like network devices. Most devices have the default settings saved to their non-volatile memory. So, whatever you did to make it not work will be undone by booting up with the default settings. 🙂

It really does solve a lot of problems… honest. So, next time before you call the IT folks downstairs remember to ‘try turning it off and on again’!