Breaking the Guinness World Records for ‘Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game’, Batman: Arkham Asylum is truly one hell of a game. Based on Arkham island and featuring multiple foes the game brings together a number of aspects from the batman universe. There is almost unlimited freedom to move around the island and although the storyline is quite linear there are lots of ‘riddles’ to solve and stuff to do. The game play is quite diverse requiring Batman to use his detective skills, combat skills, stealth and a host of ‘bat-gadgets’ to complete various tasks. The gameplay itself changes according to the situation making it more challenging and also interesting. All in all a game I thoroughly enjoyed.

The thing that bothered me most while playing this game is how susceptible “the World’s Greatest Detective” is to the plans of his arch enemy “The Joker”. All through the game Batman acts the way Joker wants him to and Bats always ends up in hot water having to fight his way out of it. So when I finished the game by defeating Joker and saving Gotham, I watched the Dark Knight movie again. BTW, what’s wrong with Batman’s voice in this movie? He’s just growling all the time… Anyway, I digress. So, I watched the Dark Knight and surprise surprise the same thing happens – batman plays right into the hands of the Joker. Then, I watched the old Batman movie from 89 and the same sort of thing happens…… Hmmmm, not very good a detective are we, Bat-man? Well I guess it adds to the story, but it does make the Batman look a bit ordinary.

Nevertheless, the poor Bat must fight for the safety of Gotham from the myriad of crazed criminals all on his own. Well, with the help of Robin, Bat-girl, Gordon, Oracle etc but you get my point, right? It’s not like he’s Superman!

Well, the good news is the there will be a sequel to the game sometime soon – and I hope it will just as good if not better than the first.

I’ll leave with these links to some funny batman spoofs from barelypolitical:
Batman at E3: – I love the part about the car
Batman playing Wolverine’s new game:
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