Ah, Yes. It’s election time in land of lions, I am casting my vote for….

No. Stop right there. I am not talking about the upcoming presidential election. This is something much much more important.

What nonsense! What could be more important that selecting the next president?

Educate Lanka

Yes, yes… I see. We need to Educate Lankans about the atrocities committed by candidate X and the pure goodness of candidate Y. Then everyone will vote for my candidate.

Errr… No again. Educate Lanka Foundation is a Sri Lankan charity that helps underprivileged students achieve education. They are doing a pretty good job too.

Ok great. Good for them. Now can I go and see the latest depredatory comments the politiccas are making about the other party candidate. It’s not like Educate Lanka is sitting the elections.

Well, as a matter of fact, Educate Lanka is in an election – well, sort of. It’s in competition with 99 other charities for the price of 1 million US dollars. I must say that with $1M a lot can be done to educate the underprivileged in Sri Lanka.

Wow, that’s a massive donation!! What’s the story?

It’s the Chase bank community giving program.
Educate Lanka competed with a number of other charities and through a similar voting process was selected for the final round. Now in the final round, they need more votes and you can help.

But can I trust Educate Lanka? I mean who are these people?

For what it’s worth, I trust them. I know many of the volunteers at Educate Lanka Foundation. If you want to find out more about Educate Lanka and their activities, have a look at these:
Website: http://educatelanka.org/
FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/educatelanka
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/EducateLanka

OK. I’m in. When and Where do I vote?

Voting starts tomorrow – the 15th and will be open for one week till the 22nd of January.

You can vote here:

Here’s the link (just in case):

All right. I feel good about that. What more can I do?

Well, you can help spread the word. Email, tweet, call, sms, chat, make it your facebook status, etc, etc. In short, get as many people you know to cast a vote and get them to also spread the word.

We have just one week. Let’s forget the politics for a little while. Let’s make it happen.

Do it for Sri Lanka.