Facebook or FB is the one and only social networking site that I’m on (and it is quite enough). Like anything in this world FB has its pros and cons. A lot of crazy stuff happens on FB all the time and I saw one that’s crazier than usual.

I’ve noticed a lot of people joining groups such as the following, and then inviting me to join too.

  • Petition to receive notification when someone visit your profile
  • Who Visited Your Profile? Get a Notification Everytime!

Now why would I care who visited my profile? It’s there on a public place for other people to see. That was the whole point of creating a public profile. I simply don’t get why anyone would create a public profile and not want other people to see it?!?

It also adds another complication to my usual FB roaming. I have a habit of randomly visiting profiles of my friends to see if they’ve been up to anything interesting and also look for new material for my album ‘Mud glorious mud’ :-). However, such roaming now comes under scrutiny due to the whole ‘who visited my profile’ thing. Then again, what are they going to do? Sue me? Fat chance.

In conclusion, this post really has no point to it. I am just writing to keep myself from falling asleep at work today. But, I will be glad to find out the motivation to request for/add a ‘who visited my profile’ tool after creating a public profile…