This week has gone by pretty fast thanks mostly to Crazy Charly, a game on FB. It’s a pretty simple game that requires some strategy and quick thinking. Basically you have to move around a maze placing bombs to kill enemies and blow up obstacles. Power-ups could be found once obstacles a blown away. It has a monkey theme too which you gotta love 😉

But the reason to love this game and make it my newest craze is actually not this game. It’s because we played a similar game  while at college. OK, a bit of background: I went to college at Pera and hung out with the coolest bunch of guys. We usually found ‘better’ things to do than attend classes like play card games (oh, we played so many card games), go to the gym (this would not be to workout or anything like that but to play a very ‘physical’ game of carom) or just sit around chatting.

Anyway, sometime during our three year tenure some of the  guys found this game called Explode Arena which can be played on mobile phones. The cool awesome phenomenal thing about this game was that up to four mobile phones could be connected through blue-tooth for multi-player action. Oh the fun we had playing different missions. The favorite mission was a 2 vs. 2 team based version of capture the flag. It was sooo much fun. We had these phones with their little buttons, you couldn’t move more that a foot away from the others (which we did quite a lot when someone got over-excited), and half the time we didn’t know what we were doing (at least I didn’t).

Booth was the best player among all of us (from what I remember). Now ‘Booth’ is just a nickname and I assure you he’s not related to John Wilkes in any way. It’s actually the shortened form of his nickname, Bhoothaya (භූතයා). His specialty was placing bombs and kicking (by getting the kick-enabling power up)them towards the enemies, so you were pretty much stuffed. Of course, you would team up with him if you had half a brain. Ah, those were good times.

That was on Explode Arena, but today we have Crazy Charly. There is no multi-player version yet, but the developers are promising it will be added soon. So, I’m excited to get in there and bomb all my FB friends. So why don’t you start bombing away right now with Crazy Charly!