The base for today’s post is this.

There are basically 2 arguments raised against Akon by the Sri Lanka Buddhists. The disrespect to a statue of lord Buddha in the video and Akon dry humping an underage girl in a concert. Akon said sorry for the latter incident like this:

I took the liberty of writing another verse to this song, in light of his latest  plight:

I’m sorry for the statue on the roof
I was distracted by the hot girls
I’m sorry for the uproar it has caused
I’m sorry it has cost me a show
I just thought it was simply a prop
My job is to sing not make videos
I’m sorry I’m just an ignorant prick
Most of all I’m sorry for lanka

Jokes aside though, I want to say something to these ‘Buddhists’ that have taken up violence to resolve conflict. Sexier bitches have danced in front of lord Buddha – not a statue but Buddha himself. Remember the three daughters of mara? Boy, according to this depiction they didn’t even have bras. Now these ardent Buddhists that ready to ‘kill Akon‘ (or something to that effect on facebook) might remember that the Buddha was unfazed by these girls and went on to become enlightened! Unfortunately you are creating a lot of hate in the name of Buddhism – which does not fit into the philosophy of Buddhism at all. Remember there are no ‘holy wars’ in Buddhism, but there’s compassion, tolerances and forgiveness.