Hope everyone had a good Easter break. As for me, I went on a camping trip and had an awesome time. But details will have to wait till the next post as I have had a sudden urge to try my hand at fiction. I wanted to write a very short story and see how I go with it, so without further ado, here goes:

Once upon a time there lived a flock of birds. But this was no ordinary flock of birds. It was very unique because there were many types of birds living together. In this flock there was an Eagle, a Parrot, a Magpie, a Crow, an Asian Paradise Flycatcher, and a Woodpecker. The Eagle was old and wise. The Magpie and the Crow kept mostly to themselves and although they had their differences they were friends. The Parrot was pretty much a Parrot – it would easily go with the flow and repeat anything anyone said. The Paradise Flycatcher was also quite old and spent all her time telling others what to do. Since she was at an advanced age none of the other birds dared to tell her off and listened obediently.

The Woodpecker was bigger than all the other birds, even bigger than the Eagle. So the Woodpecker thought he was ‘special’ and started acting pompously. He also could sing better than the other birds and would entertain the others in the flock with many a song. The Parrot was attracted to the many antics that the Woodpecker pulled and they soon became best friends. The Parrot also started being pompous.

The Eagle, being wise, noticed this trend and advised the Parrot and the Woodpecker to behave themselves and show some respect around the nest. However, the Flycatcher was already under the spell of the Woodpecker. She was so taken by the singing of the Woodpecker that she would always find an excuse for his behavior. What she didn’t realize was that the Woodpecker was above all very cunning. He pretended to listen to the Flycatcher and be very obedient, bus as soon as her back was turned he was up to no good.

In addition to the general boisterous nature, the Woodpecker had become very adept at avoiding any work. He would find a way of passing on his chores to the Magpie and the Crow and occasionally the Parrot. So while the other birds went off looking for food, the Woodpecker and the Parrot would fly off in the other direction and wander about. But, the two of the would return to the nest just before the others came back. This way the other birds were forced to share the food with these two free-riders.

This went on for sometime and the Crow and the Magpie started being vocal about the misbehavior of the Woodpecker. However, the Flycatcher was always there to rescue the Woodpecker and find an excuse for him missing chores. She would as things like “Oh, but he sings so nicely” or “He’s just being a boy”. But soon, the Crow and the Magpie had had enough of this nonsense. They went to the Eagle and told him that they were flying away to another flock. By this time the EagleĀ  was also quite disappointing in the Woodpecker and the Parrot. So he gave his blessing to them and bade them farewell.

Now, there was no one left in the flock to do the hard laborious tasks of finding food or cleaning up the nest. The Eagle was able to hunt but couldn’t provide for the whole flock by himself. The Flycatcher was too old and fragile to do any work. But none of this mattered to the Woodpecker and he continued to play the fool. He was able to coerce the Parrot into getting food for him.

After sometime the Flycatcher got sick due to lack of food. But never did the Woodpecker even give her a passing glance. He didn’t care that the Flycatcher had always protected him when others pointed out his faults. He no longer had a use for the Flycatcher and left her to her fate. Seeing this the Parrot realized that he will be treated the same way by the Woodpecker. So the Parrot talked with the Eagle and decided to leave once the Flycatcher met her inevitable end.

Did the Woodpecker notice he had lost everybody around him due to his actions? It was only when the Eagle and the Parrot left that the sad truth hit home. By this time it was too late – the ship had sailed away a long time ago. The Woodpecker was left all alone and had to fend for himself. But, he didn’t know how to, he had gotten so used to relying on others that he didn’t know anything on how to survive. The Woodpecker lived miserably for the rest of his life until he met his untimely death.

~ The End ~

What did you think of the story?