It’s been a while. I’ve been a bit busy with various things the past couple of weeks. There are a few things I have thought of that I want to blog about but I’ll leave those for later and just write about something that caught my attention.

But before that, I have to note that I had to get rid of 127 spam comments today, a majority of which were for porn. Now, I’m personally all for porn, but really  if you have to spam people to get hits your porn can’t be that good eh? It’s really not that hard to make and almost everyone likes it. So in short you must really suck at making porn  (no pun intended).

Anyway enough kidding about. I saw this ( really interesting and timely article. I visited Jaffna in 2003, when tourism was not really an option for many people from the South. In this trip we visited kovils, temples and other places of interest. Fortunately for us there were Tamils who knew these things to tell us. I remember we had to wash and clean ourselves before going to see a kovil. The details elude me but I didn’t notice any notices or signage informing visitors about these traditions that are important. But still, I may very well have been a culprit in breaking some of these traditions at that time. I would have done so due to sheer ignorance. I am sure this situation has now escalated exponentially today.

I think it’s high time that the appropriate authorities took heed to this and acted. There are signs and notices around temples and sacred places elsewhere informing people of how to dress. Hell, I once had to buy a piece of cloth to enter a temple ground just because I was wearing shorts. I still would have got in if not for the police that stand guard at the entrance. I’ll doubt there are police officers guarding the entrance to the kovils in Jaffna. Even if there were I’ll bet anything they don’t tell people what to wear and how to behave.

Just think, if we can chase away Akon and keep the road near Dalada maligawa closed in the name of Buddhism, we can surely take 5 minutes to do this. If you live in Kandy you can do it while driving around the lake since the bloody short road is closed to please the whim of the diyawadana nilame.

Please spread the word and make Sri Lanka a better place for all.