In the first semi Spellbound made it through to the finals as predicted. As I said picking the second place was the harder part and I got it completely off. Can’t imagine what the British public were thinking when they put Tobias Mead over Olivia Archbold over the Stevie Starr. I just don’t get it. He should have gone through to the final. Anyways the judges had to choose between Tobias and Olivia and they chose Tobias. Maybe if Olivia would have had a better chance if she looked like one of her sisters…

Moving on to the second semi. There are a few acts that have the potential to make it. Connected, Kev Orkian, Tina & Chandi and Micheal Snr & Jnr. I don’t remember Taboo at all from the auditions – were they not shown? If so that would be a first for BGT.

Anyway my prediction for the winner is the dog act. It’s a lot like the dog act from a couple of years ago and that made it to the finals as well. Most importantly SC loves dog acts – so he’ll pull some strings. For second place I’m thinking Kev will make it unless the Micheals pull out something spectacular. Either way it’s gonna be a pretty good show.