I hadn’t factored in Janey Cutler into the competition. She sung her way to the top and upset my prediction for the fourth semi. They are saying she’s the next Su-Bo. I thought she was really a bit too old for it, but the British think differently.

Moving on to the last of the semi finals, I’ve got a feeling Liam McNally is going to win this one. The next two positions are the most difficult as always and there are a few contenders: Myztikal, A3, and Dance Flavourz are the front runner as I see it. The ‘Wow’ factor is gone for the Chippendoubles and they will have to pull something very different out of the bag if they are to get to the next stage.

I feel that Myztikal and Dance Flavourz may be the two acts put in front of the judges. It’s really hard to pick between them because it will all come down the their performance on the night. If I have to pick one it will have to be Dance Flavourz, just on potential. Well nothing to do but wait and find out!!

By the way this seasons finale is going to have the most variation. There are so many diffent kinds of acts. It should be very interesting.