One of my favorite games of all time is Mortal Kombat. Me, my bro, and all our cousins would spend endless hours playing MK. It was one of the very first games with multiplayer capability on the same computer. Yes, there were the racing games and FPS games, but they had to use split screen systems and that made it less entertaining. The ability to bash each other up in the same screen using the same keyboard was quite and experience. So, MK stuck with us. We went through about half a dozen keyboards and went through all the MK games (that is the games that were for PC – except of course the Special Forces joke). We still find time to play this classic whenever we have a family reunion.

If you are wondering why I’m suddenly ranting off about MK, it’s because of this video:

Supposedly, this is a pitch for a new movie. If it does go though it would be sooo great. But a MK movie has been on the cards for a decade now – but hasn’t materialized due to many problems. So, let’s hope this does happen.

Anyway, this got me thinking. Going with this storyline I’ve also got some ideas. Here are some of the ideas I have for the characters:

– Shang Tsung could be a victim of Multiple Personality Syndrome. That could explain him changing into other people. He kills people and then becomes them. Something like in the movie Identity.

– How about a black magician for Quan Chi?

– Mileena’s wounds could be explained as plastic surgery gone horribly wrong. She has plastic surgery to try and look like Kitana. Kitana could be related to the president or some authority figure with power.

– What is Raiden had an accident like Jonny B in Mysfits of Science? Otherwise he could have created something like the energy weapon in Spellbinder.

– Cyrax and Sektor could be brainwhased ninjas – thus acting like robots.

– Nightwolf, Stryker, Kano & Kabal all have a good character story already. They can be made to fit somewhere in this story.

Well those are some of the ideas that I had on it. What do you think?