– Every significant character has a skeleton in the closet

– The said character will do almost anything to keep this skeleton in the closet

– Chances of a normal policeman apprehending a criminal is almost nil

– Policemen usually arrive on the scene just a few seconds late

– A visit to the medic will fix up anything from a cut to mutilated toes or even a hand; from indigestion to a severe burn; from a bruise to being half drowned and electrocuted

– If you are really good you won’t even need the medic

– Prison wardens will let a bunch of criminals escape when threatened with a shank although there are armed guards just outside the door

– Even the noblest character can be forced to do the wrong thing

– The said character would later go on to redeem him/herself

– Intending to kill someone and pulling a gun on them is ‘OK’; so long as the target is already dead.

– If not for the sirens on the cars, catching escaped prisoners would be so much easier. If only those damn sirens could be turned off….

– You will never die in a car accident

– On the contrary, you will be able to stand up and walk away from the car wreck with just a few minor injuries

– Gunshots will almost always miss

– On the off chance that a bullet does hit you, it fails to kill you; unless you were shot at point blank range

– Some people are just impossible to kill. Yes, I’m looking at you Mr. T-Bag

– The person hunting for you may only be a couple of feet away, but you can get away just in the nick of time

– By choosing the correct angle you can hide from some people while being visible to others, although the two parties are quite near each other

– No plan ever works out as it should