I’ve been playing computer games for as long as I can remember. From what I can remember I used to be pretty good at it too. Playing games on the computer was all that I did in my spare time. But then I had to do a whole bunch of exams that I really didn’t want to take. First there was the Ordinary Level exams then the Advanced Level exams then a couple of Bachelors degrees and finally a Masters degree. So this cut down my gaming time bit by bit. But I kept telling myself I would get back in it when I got chance.

So finally I took my last exam last year and soon after got back into gaming. I started with the classics that I had missed. When I started playing I realized that in my absence, the world of gaming kept evolving and left me behind. The new breed of games could be put into two categories. They were either really difficult or really easy.

Last week, on the suggestion of a friend, I got into playing the most difficult game I’ve ever played. It’s Heros of Newerth . It’s a MMORPG and it’s got a HUGE learning curve. It’s got features of an RTS, FPS, RPG and action game all put together. There are quite a number of heros (characters) to choose from all with different attributes. Next, there are a helluvalot of power ups to choose from. All this is just up my alley ‘cos I love a complicated game.

So, “what’s the problem?” you ask. Well, it’s an MMORPG and it’s a team game. So you can’t play to practice without letting a bunch of your teammates down. Anyway I’m getting the hang of it, very slowly might I add. I actually won a game today, mainly because the others on my team were really good and pwned the other team.

So if any of you are up for some MMORPG action, check out HoN and look for me, I go by lollygagger.