After months (OK, not really – but what felt like months) of waiting, the Cricket world cup finally came to end. I’m glad it’s over ‘cos now the guys can be un-glued from in front of the TV sets and coerced back onto the (touch) rugby field. Well as I predicted before the tournament began, India won this world cup. Of course there is this big hoo haa that the ‘real cup’ really is locked up in a customs office and a ‘fake cup’ was awarded on the night of the victory. But, I digress. Getting back to my predictions, I got 14 out of 15 predictions correct!! Just goes to show what a boring and predictable game Cricket is when someone who hasn’t actively watched the game in over a decade does that.

Unfortunately, the Cricket buzz hasn’t left facebook. There are still so many people that have made it their business to oversee the appoint the new Sri Lankan captain. Heck, some are even going as far as holding demonstrations asking the captain that stepped down to take back the reins. W T H? It’s as if these people have nothing better to do. Well, maybe they don’t. When Tana Umaga – captain of the All Blacks and possibly their best player at the time – retired with just 2 year for the world cup, I didn’t see New Zealanders holding demonstrations against it. It was his wish and the fans were mature enough to understand that. ‘Nuf said about this BS.

The one good thing that happened at the world (British colonies) cup of Cricket was that the Kangaroos got the ass wooping they deserve. Being on top of the Cricket world for over a decade surely proved that they were a bunch of excelent Cricketers, but had made them very poor ‘sportsman’. They sure did win matches, but winning at all cost, by hook or by crook, is not what sport should be about. Hopefully this defeat humbled them and hopefully they kick out that arrogant prick of a past captian to build a better (in a human sense) team.

All right that is three paragraphs too many about Cricket. Await my next post about this great board game called ‘Settlers of Catan’