So my picks for the RWC2011 quarter finalists was right on the money. The only hiccup was that the trusty Wallabies lost to the Irish. So my previous predictions for the knockout stage of the tourney are all messed up.

I’m trying to save face and come up with some new winners. I’m gonna go for Ireland and France for the matches tomorrow. Then on Sunday we see the number 2 and 3 ranked teams face off. This is by far the hardest pick of the bunch. Both teams are victims of injuries but the Boks lost Frans which is almost as bad as the Blackness losing Carter. Therefore I think the Aussies have the edge in this match up. The Kiwis haven’t lost to the Pumas ever and there is no reason to start this weekend.

That sets up France vs Ireland and New Zealand vs Australia as the Semi-Finalists.

The grand final will be a pool A rematch which the hosts should win.