Yesterday was a happy day. A very happy day.

One of my best friends, Kemanthi, renounced all worldly things and took a huge step in becoming a Buddhist bhikshuni. As part of the renunciation, she gave up her lay name and going forth will be known as Karunika. A name befitting her in any day.

It was a really a joyous occasion and I was elated to be there. Words can’t express how happy I am about the journey samaneri Karunika is embarking on. We don’t always agree on religion and philosophy, but her bravery in doing this is remarkable. I wish her full speed ahead toward finding true liberation of nirvana.


Pic: Samaneri Karunika gets blessings from Ajan Braham as her mom looks on proudly…

Note on pic: I wanted a bit more depth of field in this pic, but unfortunately this was the best I could do. Well, next time…. Oh wait, I don’t think anyone else I know will be getting ordained anytime soon.