I was plesently surprised this week. The reason for this surprise relates to my YouTube account. Yes, I have a YouTube account which contains a great number of videos. A great number that totals upto three that is. These videos have been up there for a while and have not garnered much attention.

Then suddenly this week I got some notification about a few comments on one of the videos. The first comment said: “Vsauce 4 life”. I assumed it was a spam message, but didn’t bother deleting it as I was at work. Then there were a couple more, both mentioning ‘Vsauce’. So, I did a bit of seraching and found Vsauce. It seems that he makes all these very interesting vids and had linked to my video in question in one of his videos. Specifically, this one.

So, thanks Vsauce for the traffic.  🙂